TN30 will deliver directions on the go — wherever life takes you.  Spoken street names and built-in, best-in-class Bluetooth hands-free functionality will keep drivers navigating the roads while communicating with their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.
Widescreen Display.  A 4.3 inch touch screen gives a whole new perspective to navigating a user interface and the roads.
Simplicity. Navigating to your destination, viewing a live map or making hands-free calls are all at your fingertips.  With EasyPairing™ and MOTONAV software, you’ll be on your way in no time.
Clean Lines. TN30’s simple, thin framed design is elegant and unobtrusive.
DISPLAY SIZE 4.3 inch, 480 x 272 pixel touch screen
POINTS OF INTEREST 4 million, graphically represented on map
MAP CONTENT US 50 states, Puerto Rico and Canada
DISPLAY MODES user selectable: 2D or 3D
VOICE PROMPTS voice announcements with spoken street names (2 languages)
HANDS-FREE CALLING Bluetooth connectivity to a handset for speakerphone functionality
BLUETOOTH 10 meter range
hands-free and object push profiles
version 2.0 without EDR
NAVIGATION SW building from the MOTONAV T815, TN30 takes simple navigation to another level
EASY INSTALL one handed operation to clip the PND to the windshield mount and the mount to the windshield
USABILITY dedicated on/off button, EasyPair™, auto power-up with ignition and graceful shut-off when power source is removed