At Auto Alarm and Sound, our mobile (Ontario 310k licensed) technicians are available for installations mon-sat, and we offer our Dealers 24 hour Customer & Technical support. We provide FAST professional installations, and service. FOR INSTALLATION CALL 416-744-8230. State of the art GPS only solution. Need to keep track of your moving assets; the i890G is the technology you need. Fully digital, high grade latest GPS technology, the i890G is a fully web based gps solution that will let you keep track of your assets with a simple click of a mouse. The i890G has the capability to GEO-fence; meaning that users can customize areas anywhere on the globe where the i1090G is allowed to enter or not. The i1090G will keep up to 10 virtual 12-point polygon fences in memory. Should the vehicle cross that fence, you will instantly be notified. The i1090G is a GPS based payment delinquencies system with warning and starter interrupt capability. Especially designed for the car finance industry, the i990G will provide you piece of mind while increasing sales and collection efficiency. The i1090G will let you instantly track your assets, will remotely let you activate a warning sound as a payment reminder whenever the car is started. The i1090G will even allow you to remotely disable the car starter. If you are in the special car finance business, the i990G is the tool you need. On top of keeping track of your fleet and assets, the i1090G will alert specified user(s) with an email or SMS text message should the module encounter “out-of-tolerance” situations customized by the user. The i1090Ghas the capability to GEO-fence; meaning that users can customize areas anywhere on the globe where the i1090G is allowed to enter or not. The i1090G will keep up to 10 virtual 12-point polygon fences in memory. Should the vehicle cross that fence, you will instantly be notified. Now that’s control! FEATURES 890 1090 DIGITAL GSM GSM is a cellular network which means that mobile phones connect to it by searching for cells in the immediate vicinity. GSM differs from its predecessors in that both signaling and speech channels are digital quality, thus is considered a second generation mobile phone system. This has also meant that data communication was easy to build in the system. We use GSM telecommunications grade equipment installed directly at the carriers’ premises. All 90G Series modules are: • GSM / GPRS Class 10 • Quad band 850/900/1800/1900 w/Automatic switching between bands • PBCCH supported • GPRS Class B • GPRS Multi-slot Class 10 (3+2 & 4+1) GLOBAL COVERAGE The communication gateways to our worldwide service are offered via 3 separate SMPP connections with local carriers around the world. Currently, service agreements throughout 120 plus countries around the world provide us with the broadest coverage possible. ZERO FEES While other providers piggy-back their service on networks belonging to major wireless carriers and pass along their network access costs to you. RCI Wireless Control has partnered with global data-centric telecommunications provider iMetrik to provide you with a global footprint with absolutely ZERO fees. Ever. No matter how they may hide it – if you are not using RCI, you are paying for network access – resulting in a higher cost of ownership. VEHICLE LOCATION The 90G Series uses GPS triangulation for the most precise asset location available today. This information is available on-demand or on schedule to locate an overdue or missing asset. A map on screen will enable you to zoom in and out on the clearly marked asset. SPEED & DIRECTION This information is available on-demand or on schedule to locate an overdue or missing asset. A map on screen will enable you to zoom in and out on the clearly marked asset. If payment is not received, use our web application to locate the current position of the vehicle for repossession or recovery before or after disablement. NOT CODE BASED Are you frustrated managing your lending portfolio with payment codes from antiquated starter interrupt systems? Through advances in technology payment codes are no longer required to effectively manage and control delinquency in the special finance industry. RCI’s 90G Series modules provide the lender with the exact same level of control without the hassles of code management. FULLY TRANSFERABLE Do you want to save money by re-using modules? With RCI Wireless Control’s UNLIMITED airtime plan – transferring modules from one vehicle to another is as easy as doing an installation. COVERT INSTALLATION Devices install in an average of 30 to 35 minutes completely invisibly in almost any vehicle. 99.9% UPTIME Because RCI Wireless Control manages its own communications we are able to offer our clients an uptime guarantee. In order to ensure this, we have equipped our datacenter accordingly. • 25,000 sq. feet of total floor space • Secure facility with protected access • Redundant UPS and Generators • N + 1 IT Infrastructure • 24/7 On-site personnel • Neutral datacenter with multiple internet and TELCO carriers on site providing excellent connectivity options • Advanced fire detection and suppression system • Multiple fiber and power building entry points • Located in central location downtown Montreal • Geographically “safe” building • Separate server enclosure space protected by physical lock and access cards • CCTV Monitored • Redundant ventilation and cooling • Redundant power distribution and network connections • FM200 gas & Pre action sprinkler fire suppression systems • Fully redundant, meshed architecture with no single point of failure • Service provider independent, not tied to any specific Internet service provider • Can easily add additional service providers for better connectivity or added capacity • Can reroute both automatically or manually Internet traffic through the best possible route to reach the end-user OBDII COMPATIBLE The RCI 90G Series tracking module will also install quickly using our 90G Series QuickConnect OBD II connector. This allows the user to connect the module using a pass-through cable to the OBDII port for power and ground. Excellent for spot deliveries or anytime a quick, non-permanent install is called for. VEHICLE GROUPS Our easy to use web-applications allow you to create groups of your assets based on any criteria you specify. WEB BASED Our user friendly web interface allows you to send warning alerts or disable vehicles when delinquencies occur 24/7/365. It also enables you to quickly locate delinquent vehicles for recovery purposes, reducing recovery costs dramatically. LEASE PROGRAM Get started with the 90G Series GPS payment delinquency management system for 1 low monthly payment. Get the equipment you need NOW and pay for it easily with our leasing program Benefits of our Leasing Program: ? Improve cash flow with fixed monthly payments ? Conserve working capital ? Minimal advance payment ? Keep your credit lines open ? Possible tax benefit – Expense payments using Tax Code Section 179 ? Let your system pay for itself ? Fast and simple application ? $1 Purchase Option allows you to own the equipment at lease end WARRANTY RCI Wireless Control stands behind its products. That’s why we have a comprehensive warranty program in place to ensure that our customers are protected in the case of any manufacturing defect resulting in a malfunctioning device. Our warranty program is simple and no questions asked. We make the whole RMA process as quick and as painless as possible. STARTER DISABLE/ENABLE To remotely disable/enable your vehicles starter Starter Disable (Immobilize) – If payment is not received within a specified time frame, the vehicle can be remotely disabled via starter interrupt either on demand, or based on a pre programmed schedule. Starter Enable (To enable your vehicles’ starter from its disabled state) - Upon receipt of your payment, you can use our web application to instantly re activate the vehicle. BYPASS CODE In order to protect the dealer from liability, the device can be overridden, simply call customer service and we will handle the rest. WARNING ALERT In the event of a non payment, you can activate a pre warning signal each time the vehicle is started. The device will then emit a 30 second tone once the starter is engaged. Use our web application to automatically schedule the duration and number of days for the warning. POWER MANAGEMENT Our i1090G module is equipped with advanced power management features that will save the vehicle’s battery if the vehicle is left immobile for an extended period of time. Power Management is activated after 15 minutes of vehicle inactivity and overall current draw from the i1090G drops to approximately 4mA. Even when in Sleep Mode the device will still be able to quickly perform any command requested. GEOFENCE ALERT GEO-fence is an invisible perimeter that can be placed on a map of any area on the globe. Once in place whenever an i1090G equipped vehicle crosses this perimeter an SMS or Email alert will be sent to the specified individual. GEO-fences can be constructed to keep vehicles IN specified areas as well as OUT of specified areas. Uniquely, the RCI i1090G module can handle up to 10 GEO-fence perimeters per device. These fences can be 3-sided up to 12-sided polygons providing the user with incredible flexibility when programming their fenced areas. No device on the market competes with the power and flexibility of i1090G’s GEO-fence capabilities. OPTIONAL REPO ASSIST We are pleased to offer assistance in the event that a vehicle needs to be located and repossessed. RUGGED HARDWARE We realize that when you purchase a piece of technology to protect your valuable investment that it better be reliable. That’s why the entire 90G Series is constructed to the same exact same standards of quality. All modules are housed in a nearly indestructible polycarbonate casing with high resistance to heat and dust. We use only the latest Quad-Band rather than old Dual-Band digital technology and are continually improving our telecommunications efficiency. We design our units to be 100% eco-friendly with ultra-low power consumption and have also made them 100% recyclable (RoHS Certified). All units come pre-programmed and activated – all you have to do is plug and play! 4 MAP MODES 4 map viewing options (3D, Bird’s Eye, Hybrid Aerial, Political) CARRIER INDEPENDENT Redundant carrier access allows us to switch over the air (OTA) to a network with the strongest signal in any given region. Today, connectivity with over 170 GSM networks in more than 120 countries. Better coverage yields better results.